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Actual Longsword

Makes the Longsword longer and slightly girthier to better match the proportions of a real longsword. This results in an elongated hitbox as well, but considering the state of straight swords in the game I don’t feel such a buff is entirely unwarranted. The scabbard is also adjusted to match the size of the sword.

Ever felt like the Longsword looks more like a weirdly-proportioned arming sword? The grip appears to facilitate two-handed usage, but the blade length and crossguard are far too dinky to give the appearance of a proper, two-handed longsword. This mod makes the sword bigger while remaining true to the proportions of a real longsword.

You cannot play with this mod online. You will need to unpack & patch your game using UXM, and also download the “Anti-cheat toggler and offline launcher”. Once your game is unpacked, simply unzip this file into the Elden Ring directory — the file should end up in the “parts” folder.

You may want to back up your save first, but in my experience this isn’t necessary; the mod doesn’t make alterations to save data. I’ve tried using the mod, restoring my game and re-enabling anti-cheat and attempted to play online with no issue. Still, you never know.

Credits: Kellborn
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  1. Lucian41 says:

    Do a vanilla run. If you like it, you will probably have an itch for more. Play vanilla until you get bored, try different build, etc, then come back and install an overhaul or whatever you think will suit you. Main point: Vanilla for the first run, the game is great just like that

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