How to Install Elden Ring Mods

How to Install Elden Ring Mods

Mods have the power to completely transform a game, sometimes detrimentally, but often for the better. If you’re interested, consider diving into the Elden Ring modding community to experience some of the top-notch Elden Ring modifications. However, first, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the process of installing Elden Ring mods on a PC.

  • Set Elden Ring to offline mode – Go to System–Network–Launch Setting while in the game and change the setting to Play Offline.
  • Disable anti-cheat – Download the anti-cheat disabling tool into your gaming folder. Unzip it and run “toggle_anti_cheat.exe.”
  • Rerun it when you want to activate anti-cheat again so you can play multiplayer. Never forget this step.
  • Download mods – Use Elden Ring Mod Loader for downloads in-house file manager.
    You can do it manually
  • Extract mods into the game folder – Copy and paste the files from the mod folder into the Elden Ring.exe folder.
  • Launch game (while in offline mode) – Every mod extracted there will be loaded when you enter the game.

Longer Version of Instructions

Go offline

Before taking any further steps, ensure Elden Ring is set to offline mode. If the game detects mod usage while online—even if you’re not engaging in multiplayer—it could interpret this as cheating and block your access to multiplayer features. Such a ban is permanent, so take precautions.

To ensure offline play, you need to deactivate the EasyAntiCheat service. The game recognizes when this software is off, keeping you offline but won’t penalize you just for turning it off.

Disabling the anti-cheat is straightforward. Navigate to the folder where Elden Ring is installed. For Steam players, the path typically is: steam\steamapps\common\Elden Ring\game, located on the drive you’ve installed the game. There, locate the start_protected_game.exe file and rename it by adding a “.not” extension at the end. This should change the file type to NOT, rendering it unexecutable.

Afterwards, look for the elden_ring.exe file. Create a copy and rename this copy to start_protected_game.exe. Launch the game via Steam, and it should prevent you from accessing the multiplayer servers.

For added confirmation, a notification should appear on the main menu, stating “Unable to start in online mode.” Once you see this, you’re all set.

Download a mod loader

Let’s dive in. First, you’ll need the Elden Ring Mod Loader, an essential tool for launching many of the mods found online. After downloading, unzip the folder into steam\steamapps\common\Elden Ring\game.

Find Some Mods

Next, it’s time to select and download a mod that catches your eye. offers a vast array of options. Choose one that appeals to you, navigate to its page, and hit the download button.

Add Mods to Your Folder and Launch the Game

After downloading, return to the location where you placed the Mod Loader. You should spot a folder named “mods”. The next step is quite intuitive. If the downloaded mod is in a zipped format, extract it. Then, drag and drop the mod into the “mods” folder.

Subsequently, open Steam and initiate the game as you usually would. All active mods should now be functional. To uninstall a mod, just erase its respective folder or file from the “mods” directory.

At a cursory glance, setting up Elden Ring Mods might seem like a daunting task. Yet, surprisingly, it’s so straightforward that even a novice can master it with ease. Our mod creation process prioritizes simplicity and user-friendliness. The mods we host are meticulously crafted but remarkably user-centric. Along with our website, we’ve included guidelines for Installing Elden Ring Mods right within the zip file for your added ease.

This hassle-free approach stems from our careful strategizing combined with modern technology. Our state-of-the-art software simplifies everything, handling intricate coding and iterative testing, so all you need to do is download and run the mod. The instructions “How to Install Elden Ring Mods” provided are lucid and intuitive. The once-intimidating task of setting up Elden Ring mods is now a breeze, reduced to just a few clicks!

If you’re more of a visual learner or just not in the mood to sift through text, punch in “How to Install Elden Ring Mods” in your search bar. A plethora of tutorials awaits, walking you through the process. Remember to specify which mod you’re aiming to set up. Additionally, keep an eye on our site’s discussion boards and comment areas. They’re hubs for updates, new Elden Ring content, and community conversations. We genuinely appreciate feedback from our users, whether it’s mod suggestions or alerts about potential glitches during the mod setup.

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