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Elden Dreamer’s Reshade

Vanilla-focused, dream-like reshade with a focus on a little more bloom and airiness to the Lands Between.

What you get is a little less flat-looking game with a much more dreamlike atmosphere. Essentially, some of the brightness is removed from the ground, and added to the sky.

Updated the preset a bit. Tweaked it a little to have less blown out contrast, and for it to be more consistent in multiple areas in the game. The old preset remains in the downloads, of course, if you prefer it.

This is a reshade preset that tries to stay true to the game’s artstyle, but gives the game a dreamlike look
What you get is a little less flat-looking game with a much more dreamlike atmosphere due to the dense and airy bloom. You can see quite a change in bright areas, especially the Erdtree, or the fog in Liurna.

Tried to keep the colors the same, but blacks are blacker and whites are whiter.

1) download the file
2) download and install reshade from the reshade website. https://reshade.me/ Latest version will do.
3) Install reshade via exe. Select the Elden Ring exe when prompted. select the downloaded preset when prompted.
4) select “directx12” when prompted.
5) run the game.
6) press ‘home’ key to view reshade settings. If things are too bright, I recommend lowering the gamma even further on the lightroom preset.

Credits: deathof13
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