Heaven Splitter – Genichiro Moveset

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Heaven Splitter – Genichiro Moveset

(WORKS ON ELDEN RING 1.10.0) New Katana/Bow paired weapon using Genichiro’s iconic moveset, with quick combos, fluid transitions, and Ancient Lightning augmentation.

A long-bladed katana paired with a powerful eastern greatbow. Both are curiously imbued with dragon’s lightning, hinting at a samurai’s great journey from the east.

The unconventional pairing demands great skill, and a master of both has only been mentioned in legend.

Heaven Splitter
A long-bladed katana paired with a powerful eastern greatbow, both imbued with dragon’s lightning.

Unique Form
The two-handed form equips both the katana and bow, and has unique inputs:
All R1 attacks use the sword
All R2 attacks use the bow
This includes jumping and horseback attacks!

Press R1 right after any R2 for a far-reaching sword slash
Press R2 right after any R1 for an evasive bow shot
Utilizing these two moves results in extremely fluid chaining between weapons

Unique Sprinting Attack – Floating Passage
The two-handed sprinting attack is the beginning of the Floating Passage combo.
Continue light attacking to continue the combo.

Unique Guard and Guard Counter
Blocking immediately before an enemy attack results in damage reduction and stamina preservation.
Follow up with a guard counter R1 to quickly slash twice and begin the Floating Passage combo.
Follow up with a guard counter R2 to launch a powerful volley of arrows into your opponent.

Unique Skill: Heaven’s Call
Call upon the heavens and summon a great bolt of ancient lightning onto your blade. Slam the energy into the ground, buffing yourself with lightning for a short time.

During this buff, your blade and arrows will be enveloped in ancient lightning.
Arrows sheathed in lightning are not affected by gravity. (great for sniping)
If out of arrows, the lightning sheathe will still shoot and do damage.

After buying this weapon, it will be in the Bow category of your inventory.

It is available at the Dragonbarrow Isolated Merchant in Caelid
The Samurai class starts with this weapon
It only uses arrows in the first arrow slot (unless you trigger the issue listed in the known issues section below)
Arrow capacity has been increased from 99 to 250
The alternate download switches the weapon models with the Black Mortal Blade and the damaged greatbow from his final fight.

I highly recommend using Noctis’s Way of Tomoe Armor Set with this mod! It matches up with the weapon perfectly.
Download here: Genichiro Way of Tomoe – Armor Set
and put the files into the parts folder.
The Dragonbarrow Isolated Merchant sells the needed armor, same as the weapon.

This mod is in Clever’s Moveset Modpack, a gigantic modpack of most of the movesets I’ve created.

To Install

– Download Mod Engine 2 here: https://github.com/soulsmods/ModEngine2/releases
– Click Assets, then download the top .zip file.
– Extract the contents of the .zip onto your PC.

– Download the mod and extract the contents of the zip file into the “mod” folder in the same directory as the “modengine2_launcher.exe”.
– Click launchmod_eldenring.bat to launch the game.

– Obtain Heaven Splitter at the Dragonbarrow Isolated Merchant in Caelid. !!!The weapon will be in the bow section of your inventory!!!
– Or, pick the Samurai class to start with it.

Known Issues:
– If you use a different bow/crossbow/greatbow and use an arrow in the 2nd slot, it will make Heaven Splitter use the 2nd slot. Use an arrow in the 1st slot to switch it back.
– Holding down R2 will cancel the horseback arrow shot. Tap R2 instead.

– How to merge regulation.bin files with DSMapStudio
– ADDED: a86.tae, a729.tae
HKX added:
– All the a86, a729, and a730 files inside the a6x folder.
How to Merge the Action c0000.hks
– I added dummies 991, 992, and 993 to make the bow work. This file is pretty much unmergable but very few other mods use it so it should be fine.

Credits: Clever
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