Invisible (Hidden) Helmets

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Invisible (Hidden) Helmets

Makes all player helmets invisible. This includes NPC’s who are wearing player equipment. Helmet statistics are not affected.

This mod hides all helmet visuals on the player and on NPC’s that use player equipment. This only affects visuals and does not alter any stats associated with the helmets.

Vawser’s mod, “Phantasmal Armor – Hidden Helms” also makes all helmets invisible, but it currently seems to create buggy behavior with invading NPC’s. e.g. invaders such as Bloody Finger Nerijus and Anastasia Tarnished-Eater won’t always stay dead and will repeatedly invade when you return to their spawn point, they won’t always drop their designated items upon death, etc.

Vawser’s mod “Phantasmal Armor – Transmogrification” works well. However, your hidden helm will reappear every time you fast travel and you’re required to reapply an equipped item.

This mod is working as intended on all the early game NPC’s I’ve encountered and with the dozen different helmets in my inventory. I’ve only tested a small subset of all helmets, however, so let me know if anything looks strange.

Note that you’ll have to reinstall this mod after any game update that changes your regulation.bin (this is also true for any other regulation.bin mod you’re using).

I originally created this with Yapped 1.07. When I updated the file to be compatible with the new Yapped 1.09 update, I’m seeing an issue where NPC summon signs aren’t showing up (e.g. Nepheli before Godrick). I don’t know what the issue is and so I’ve reverted to my original, Yapped 1.07-compatible, version. Use Yapped 1.07 to import this file.

Version 2 of this mod accounts for bearded characters.

Offline play only.

  1. Back up your regulation.bin file.
  2. Download Yapped-Rune-Bear/releases/tag/1.07. This is not the latest version (see above for issue with Yapped 1.09 and NPC summon signs). I may update this mod in the future when there’s a more fixed Yapped release. You can use different versions of Yapped for other .bin mods.
  3. Go to File and pick Elden Ring from the top down menu.
  4. Put this mod’s EquipParamProtector.csv file in D:\…\Yapped-Rune-Bear-main\res\GR\Data.
  5. Launch Yapped and open your mod’s regulation.bin using File->Open.
  6. Navigate to the Param row EquipParamProtector and do Tools->Import Data.
  7. File->Save.

Credits: JolliestCooperation
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