Nier 2B Idle Animation With optional Walk Run Sprint

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Nier 2B Idle Animation With optional Walk Run Sprint

Hi my First Mod for personal use but decided to share if anyone interested animations and etc credits belong to PipeSKR Carian Combo Warriors team and cleverraptor6 for replacing idles guides.

1.0 Replaces idle Only
1.1 includes Walk Run and Sprint usable for swords and polearms, except for heavy fat roll characters/ greatsword user
1.3 includes hkx and tae files for merging
1.5 Effects Fixes and Streamlined the files also optionals
1.6 small updates to speed, new sprint and sitting at grace animations, Check video section tab for showcase!

Install: Put .dcx files inside ELDEN RING\Game\mod\chr Folder of Mod engine2

Known Issues:
-if you’re using the hide weapons optional file when sprinting while holding blocking (guarding) the weapon also become invisible
-some small jitter when walking (barely noticeable) (cannot fix until i learn how to edit .hkx files T_T).
-Dual Wielding left weapon might look weird (not fixable because of animation coding)
-Mage/Int Build have weird issue where magic casting sometimes got faster/sped up (still dont know why T_T)
-Heavy roll or Heavy Character will revert their animation to vanilla (lore reasons might not fix
-Not tested on male characters

Note for Merging:
-You need to merge both .hkx and tae files for the anim speed to work properly

How to customize/fix your own animation speed (Also if you wanted to do mix and match like just walk animation without sprint for example) :
if you only merge .hkx files without .tae you need to do extra step to fix the animation speed (this way you can also customize the speed for yourself);
1. Open your 📄 c0000.anibnd.dcx with DsAnimStudio (If you’re not merging with other mods or doesn’t have c0000.anibnd.dcx file in your modengine2 folder, Unpack only chr folder using UXM Selective unpacker)
2. depending on the hkx you merged you need to find what hkx it modifies for example a00.tae is 1-handed normal for fist,sword,dagger,unarmed
3. after finding out what tae your hkx modifies and after opening DsAnimStudio search for the hkx name you modified for example a000_020000 (Walk Slow)
4. Click on the hkx you merged and then click on animspeedgradient on the middle tab (if there isn’t any do Shift+Right Click on middle tab and change it from JumpTable to animspeedgradient)
5. Change both SpeedAtStart and SpeedAtEnd to the range between 1.0 to 2.0 (1.0 is normal speed 2.0 is double speed for example) here you can customize your own speed (if you find certain animations are speeding up you can fix it this way too)
6. after you’re done Ctrl+S and close

How to hide weapon:
1.Follow tutorial above until step 3
2.on step 4 instead of animspeedgradient, click on empty space on the middle tab and then Shift+Right Click and change JumpTable to 710 HideEquippedWeapon
3.check the tick boxes on the right depending on your preferences and then Ctrl+S after you’re done.

Credits: Zeroxavier
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