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No Compass

Gets rid of the player compass. A Tarnished needs naught but the guidance of grace.

— Updated for game version: 1.09.1 —
Requires launching the game through Mod Engine 2, which means it is not usable online as it would result in a ban.

– Install Mod Engine 2.
– Download your chosen version of the mod (Vanilla, Elden Ring Reforged, or Ultrawide UI Fixes compatible).
– Extract the content of the archive into the Mod Engine 2 installation folder (override if prompted). Your modded file’s path should look like this: “mod > menu > 01_000_fe.gfx”
– Launch the game through “launchmod_eldenring.bat”.

– katalash for developing Mod Engine 2.
– TKGP for developing the UXM Selective Unpacker and Meowmaritus for updating it.
– Kirnifr for the Elden Ring Reforged mod, for which I’ve taken the liberty to build compatibility.
– Dziggy for their permission to build compatibility with their Ultrawide UI Fixes mod, as well as their knowledge in using JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler.

Credits: Synmachus
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