PS5 Controller UI 1.09-1.09.1

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PS5 Controller UI 1.09-1.09.1

This is a mod that changes the usual controller layout UI to PS5 button prompts

Transform your PC gaming experience with the PS5 Controller UI Mod! This game-changing modification brings the sleek and stylish interface of the PS5 controller to your favorite PC game.

With the PS5 Controller UI Mod, bid farewell to generic button prompts and immerse yourself in the world of PlayStation gaming. The mod replaces standard PC button icons with the iconic symbols found on the PS5 controller, including the recognizable triangle, circle, cross, and square buttons, as well as the sleek L1, R1, L2, and R2 triggers. Each detail has been carefully designed to replicate the aesthetics of the PS5 controller, ensuring an authentic gaming experience.

Key Features:
Authentic PS5 Controller Icons: Say goodbye to mundane button prompts and embrace the familiar symbols of the PS5 controller, enhancing your immersion in the game.

Easy Installation: Installing the mod is a breeze, and compatibility with popular games is continuously expanding. Just follow the provided instructions, and you’ll be ready to enjoy the PS5 Controller UI in no time.

Upgrade your gaming immersion today with the PS5 Controller UI Mod!

Simple easy Installation:
1. Download & extract ´╗┐ModEngine 2´╗┐ files into your Elden ring ( Game ) folder.
2. Download the mod and extract the ( menu ) folder into your new ( mods ) folder that was created from ModEngine 2.
4. Launch Elden Ring with the ModEngine2_Launcher.
4. Go to your settings – Sound and Display – Change Device for On-Screen Prompts to ” Game Pad “

Credits: MedievalAI
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