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Custom Spirit Ashes (Mod and Guide)

Adds Melina and Blaidd.
Replaces Lone Wolves for Melina and two Lone Wolves.
Replaces Wandering Noble for Blaidd and two Lone Wolves.
Merged with Unlocked Spirit Ashes.

*credits to Ljiljane for doing it first

Changelog for everything till v4:
Removed all trash edits cause NPCs’ AI was broken.
Kept Melina cause her AI was good. Kept Blaidd cause he cool, his AI broken tho.
Merged with Unlocked Spirit Ashes.

Changelog for v5:

Fixed Blaidd’s AI!
Updated .csv files cause Yapped was broken and messed them up. Yapped updated and is now fixed.

Changelog for v6:
Fixed Melina’s clothes.

Do not use this in online mode!

  1. Make a backup of your save.
  2. Make a backup of your regulation.bin file located in your game’s folder: D:\…\ELDEN RING\Game\
  3. Put the edited regulation file in your game’s folder.
  4. Launch the game in offline mode with EAC disabled.
    Details on how to launch the game without EAC:
    Elden Ring – PCGamingWiki PCGW – bugs, fixes, crashes, mods, guides and improvements for every PC game
    Anti-cheat toggler and offline launcher
    Offline launcher (No EAC)
  5. Enjoy.

*Added .csv files to edit or merge with another mod.

  1. Download Yapped-Rune-Bear.
  2. Go to Settings-> Data Export-> CSV Delimiter in Yapped and make sure Yapped is using “;” and not “,” as a delimiter (without “”).
  3. Go to File and pick Elden Ring from the top down menu. (Should have Dark souls picked as default?)
  4. Download your favorite mod.
  5. Download this mod’s .csv files.
  6. Put the .csv files in D:\…\Yapped-Rune-Bear-main\res\GR\Data.
  7. Launch Yapped and open your mod’s regulation.bin using File->Open.
  8. Go to BuddyParam (Left Panel). Click on it. Import my csv’s data by using Tools->Import Data.
  9. Go to BuddyStoneParam (Left Panel). Click on it. Import my csv’s data by using Tools->Import Data.
  10. Go to NpcParam (Left Panel). Click on it. Import my csv’s data by using Tools->Import Data.
  11. If you are getting errors while trying to import my .csv files, open my mod’s regulation.bin, go to whatever I’ve edited/you need on the left panel and do Tools->Export Data. Do this for whatever else you need/I’ve edited. Then follow steps 4,7,8,9,10.
  12. Save by using File->Save.
  13. Enjoy

BuddyParam is where you can edit what each Spirit Ash is spawning. If you click on the Lone Wolves in the middle you can see its Npc ID and NPC think ID on the right. NPC ID is what npc to spawn, Npc Think ID is how that npc should think lol.

Lone wolf has three entries, all of them spawning the same thing, if you want some of them gone just put -1 in Trigger SpEffect ID (right panel).

You can also spawn more of itself by leaving everything default and just click on its Row and Duplicate its Row number +1. So if the wolf’s row number is let’s say 18000, then the duplicated row should be 18001, and you can name it whatever.

You can duplicate by doing Edit->Duplicate Row.

In order to find NPC IDs we need to go to NpcParam. Here you’ll find a bunch of Npcs, with different variations for each one of them.

The one we will use for this guide is Melina. Press control+F to search for her. We’ll need Melina at Row Number 21800000.

Each NPC’s row number is its NPC ID.

Click on melina and do Duplicate Row. For Row number do 21800000 +1, so 21800001.

Name it buddy melina or whatever. That’s what I’m doing.

Click on the newly made npc and go to the right panel. Change its Team Type to 47 Spirit Summon. We’ll need to do this so that the summoned NPC won’t take damage from the player.

Now go to NpcThinkParam. Here you can find each NPCs Think ID. Do control+F to find melina and grab her ROW ID, 21800000.

Go back to BuddyParam. Click on the first wolf and put 21800000 to its NPC Think ID, and 21800001 to its NPC ID.

Can do this with whatever summon you want and whatever npc you want. Obviously I have no idea if everything works. Can’t test thousands of NPCs.

You can use melina’s think ID for everything you add, but this is the easy “hacky” way. Melina will work just fine, but other NPCs will occasionally just stand there for a sec. The right way isn’t known as of yet and not that well documented?

*Seems like the right way is to use each Npc’s own Think ID, and change some SpEffects. Seems like some SpEffects are responsible for Npcs/Spirit Summons following you.

**Looks like 297000 is the SpEffect needed for NPCs that doesn’t follow you to do so. Just put this to SpEffect 28.

Some NPCs will work just fine out of the box like Melina, no SpEffect change needed. For Blaidd I just needed to test his Npc Think IDs to find out which one is working, no SpEffect changes needed as well.

Credits: yakuzadeso
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